Apple expands NFC technology to unlock doors (only with iOS 12)

Published on May 29, 2018

Apple is allowing users to unlock doors equipped with the technology securely and is expected to expand the NFC capabilities of its iPhones beyond mobile payments, according to the information. Suggesting it will come at WWDC as part of the iOS 12 unveiling, the company is said to be planning to announce the new functionality “next month”.

The near field communication, or NFC, the chip has a change which is expected to be announced next month, could pave the way for people to use iPhones for others security-sensitive interactions, from paying transit fares and opening car doors to verifying their identity in other ways.

All the employees in calif and Cupertino at Apple’s new campus are using their iPhones to gain access to buildings and offices, suggesting that the technology has been deployed there, people familiar with the matter said.
Apple was looking to expand NFC capabilities to building security and transit ticketing, this information was reported and spread around four years ago with working with its campus security vendor HID Global on the technology.

According to today’s report and analysis, Bluetooth is a device which is already in use to manage some smart locks using iPhones, NFC offers a more secure method for connections and authentication, an important consideration for companies and government agencies in particular.

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