Apple Expands Employee Benefits For New Parents And Mental Health, and More

Published on November 7, 2019

On Wednesday, employees announced the updated benefits for the new parents and mental health. This undated employee’s benefits program is to help the new parent’s transition back to work after their leave. As a part of an employee’s benefits plan, these additional benefits are provided to the new parents. This plan also includes employees who foster or adopt kids.

Through this project, the company is providing the new parents a four-week grace period after the new parents return from their leave to work. The mental wellness project is for all the employees; it includes additional financial benefits to those who adopt. These employee’s objective is to provide support and stability to the new working parents.

Image Credit: 9to5 Mac

New parents and mental wellness program

Under the Employees benefits policy, there are many benefits included, like the new parents will get an extra four-week grace after their leave. During this grace leave, they are entitled to get full salaries. The best thing about this policy is that the new parents will be able to work at any time, or else they can also do part-time as per their preference. The four-week grace period is for the new working parents in addition to their sixteen-week paid leave.

It is good news for all the employees as Apple is also supporting the parents who adopt kids by providing them financial support. Apple known’s that the adoption process involves high cost, so it is providing financial aid with an amount of $14000.

Apple is very focused on the mental health of its employees due to which Apple has introduced a new mental wellness benefits program. Through the mental health wellness program, Apple is providing free counseling sessions every year, and this program also includes telemedicine options. By updating these benefits, Apple can help and support all its employees working.


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