Apple confirms to remove 25000 apps from App Store in China

Published on August 24, 2018

Apple Inc. has confirmed that it has pulled all the illegal apps from the App Store in China. The company took this step after the company comes under attack from the state media for not doing anything to filter out the banned material.

App Store

As per the statement issued by the Apple, it said that the Gambling apps are now illegal which are not allowed on the App Store in China. We have been already removed many apps along with the developers who are now trying to distribute illegal gambling apps which is present on the App Store. It is also added by saying that they are now vigilant in the efforts to find these as well as stop them from being on the App Store.

The Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said that over 25,000 apps have already been removed on Sunday. This can be less than about 2 per cent of the total estimation of about 1.8 million apps which are present on the App Store in China. Till now Apple has not confirmed any type of numbers from its side.

Apple began to crack down on the gambling related apps which are set for earlier this month which is affected by the developers. It has been said in an explanation that to reduce the fraudulent activity on the App Store as well as to comply with the government requests it is to address the illegal online gambling activity. We are no longer allowed to gamble the apps which are submitted by the individual developers. They also include some real money by gambling the apps as well as the apps that can get simulate with gambling experience.

Google said that the verified accounts are from the incorporated business entities which may still be submit gambling apps for the distribution on the App Store. It also reported that Apple’s crackdown on the gambling related apps in the App store which is for this month. It also said that some of the apps might get the ban as they appear to have to do something with gambling. It is also seen that most of the apps that are removed from the app store are also not present around the world.

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