Apple buys Akonia Holographics, who makes augmented reality glasses

Published on September 7, 2018

In the latest development, Apple has acquired a start-up focused which makes lenses for augmented reality glasses. The company confirmed this on Wednesday. It is a signal Apple which has got the ambitions to make the wearable devices that would be like the superimpose that the digital information was present on the real world.

Akonia Holographics

As per Apple, it has confirmed that it has acquired Longmont, which is a Colorado-based AkoniaHolographics.  As per the maker of the iPhone said in a statement, the company buys the small companies from time to time and the reasons for this is not discussed generally.

Akonia was founded in the year 2012 by the group of the holography scientists and had originally focused on the holographic data storage which is before the shifting of the efforts to create the displays for the augmented reality glasses, as per the website.

In the augmented reality, the digital information is said to be overlaid on the real world which is present in the popular game named Pokemon Go. The use of the mobile phones with the camera system is usually happening in this type of games, but now it seems that the major technology firms are said to be racing to create the glasses which will show the digital information on the transparent lenses.

As per Akonia, it said that the display of the technology would be allowing for the thin, transparent smart glass lenses which will display some vibrant, wide field of view along with the full-colour images. The firm has got the portfolio which is said to be more than 200 patents that are related to the holographic systems as well as materials.

Till now Akonia has already raised about $11.6 million with the help of seed funding in the year 2012 and was seeking for the more fund. But there is no report about the investors or how far the funding was materialized.

It is seen that the Apple has got the history of buying smaller companies whose technologies are usually shown up after some years in the products. In 2013, Apple acquired a small Israeli firm which is known as PrimeSense that has made about 3D sensors. The technology can now be seen in the iPhone X which was launched last year.

As per the reports, Apple was developing the new augmented glasses which could get a ship as early as 2020. In the last year, the company has launched the augmented reality applications for the iPhones as well as iPads. The CEO of Tim Cook has augmented with a reality that the big and profound technology can be now developed.

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