Apple asked to give privacy policy to all apps in App Store

Published on September 8, 2018

In the new development, it is seen that the Apple has made a stance for the privacy in such a way that it can handle the user’s data as a centerpiece for the company. It is seen that the new rules ocentrepieceny are to change the promises that they have fallen back to the promises in past years.

Apple, App Store

In a new announcement, Apple said that from 3rd October 2018, Apple would be asking all the apps as well as app updates to give the privacy policy to them for the distribution on the App Store. It is also applicable to the TestFlight for the beta testing purposes too.

Apple has already asked for the privacy policy for all the apps that can access the personal information that includes the apps which offer some subscriptions as well as they accept the Apple Pay or can use the Apple frameworks like HomeKt, CareKit or HealthKit. The requirement will now be extended to all the apps that include the basic ones for not to share the user data with anyone in any way.

It seems that the existing apps that are present on the App Store will get affected by this new move by the company. They will be updated on  3rd October so all the long outdated apps will remain without any kind of privacy policy that they usually no longer get maintained.

On Thursday, Apple has posted a detailed report of the new changes in its News Section of the App Store Connect portal for all the developers. As per the post, it said that the App Store will now require the policy for all the new apps as well as app updates to get it submitted for the distribution on the App Store or through the TestFlight external testing. Apart from this, the app’s privacy policy link or text will get only the editable when you can submit the new version of the app.

If you want to edit the app or need to add something to the privacy policy list, then you need to go the My Apps in App Store Connect. After going to that click on the app and under that click on App information. On the top right corner, you can add the privacy policy link for the iOS apps or on macOS apps and then click on Save.

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Apple, App Store
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