Apple announces new features that highlight Dark Mode and other features

Published on June 4, 2019

According to the WWDC 2019, Apple announced its next major operating system updates. This fall, Apple will share some of the new features with the release of iOS 13. You will get to learn more about its small and big features. It could be seen that the Apple Executives made serious effort to put in right preparations for the gush of announcements that had to make.

Craig Federighi, VP of Software Engineering, stated that iOS 13 is huge pupation of limitless features and lots of capabilities. He also mentioned about the performance improvements that the iOS could achieve through its channelized executives.

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Many applications have already made dark mode as an eloquent feature that will redeem the brightness feature and enhance the battery mode. Apple is likely to launch system-wide dark mode for iOS 13. There will be a single switch operation by which you can tap on a simple button and in the Control Center; you can easily switch from a light interface to a dark interface. To support dark mode, new updates that include Calendar, Music and Messages have been plugged in a certain way to run swiftly on the iOS platform. The Face ID has been centered to 30 percent faster, and the updates on the App Store are little smaller, and you do not have o download the full application every time.

In the dark mode, you will be able to look through the solid black background. As an OLED screen does not emit light, iOS 13 will enable you to peep through the darker mode. To elaborate on the efficiency of the native keyboard, it now supports typing by swiping from one letter to another — the intelligence used in making of the share sheet. In your Music application, now you can see scrolling lyrics that allows you to learn the music soon. The Safari options will let you change the size of the text, and you will be able to make changes for different websites also. The Notes will get a gallery view and folders. A new set of design has been installed for the reminders. You can add the task to the bar. Indentation of tasks below the bigger ones can be emancipated.

Apple Maps have got a new version according to Apple’s Meg Frost. Look Around like the Google Street View will allow you to move smoothly without actually putting in tension about the location. Location tracking applications are being updated. Third-party developers would not be able to share details about your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth signal which will serve as a full-stop to scandals. “Sign in with Apple” will be initiated to protect your personal information. The improved version of SMS is considered to be the iMessage. With iOS 13, you will be able to monitor who can see your profile picture. This time with Apple Memoji will collaborate with the Bitmoji. Siri will get smarter with the addition of voice features.

With the advent of iOS 13, Apple is all set to compete with Google in terms of location, privacy, and street view. The brand new iOS 13 is going to rock the technology floors this time.

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