Apple adds ‘Give me the news’ option to Siri

Published on January 18, 2018

Earlier this week, Apple rolled out a new ‘Give me the news’ feature to its Siri digital voice assistant in the form of beta. The feature is now formally available in U.S. and U.K. markets in the final form. The latest feature is a part of Apple’s renewed effort of preparing Siri to perform well on their smart-home device HomePod.

Apple adds ‘Give me the news’ option to Siri

According to a report published by Tech Radar, users have the option of changing the source of the news that is being read out by Siri as well. There is a range of options available with Apple, including Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post, Sky News as well as LBC. The feature can be customized to perform, depending on the owner’s preference. For example, one can directly communicate to Siri, to bring up the print articles straight-up.

Users can even trigger it through a non-visual interface such as AirPods. This kind of flash briefings is already available on Google Home and Amazon Echo, therefore, such a feature won’t exactly come across as something great.

“Those news briefings are real cornerstones of their respective smart speaker experience,” notes Tech Radar. “Having tested them both at some length, the ability to get a quick news update first thing in the morning is arguably one of the strongest selling points for introducing them into your daily routine,” the report adds.

Apple is following Google’s footsteps of making their digital voice assistant an all-rounder. Considering that HomePod already lacks a touchscreen interface, it makes sense for the company to apply as much effort as they possibly can in order to implement the right type of change. It remains to be seen how exactly the latest feature will come handy to different types of users as well as scenarios. HomePod is expected to be available soon enough as well.

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Apple adds ‘Give me the news’ option to Siri.
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