Anker Soundcore Liberty Air: Pure Freedom Headphones

Published on April 3, 2019

The loud and clear sound that emanates from our speakers or headphones is what many of us look for when buying a product, like a pair of headphones. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air is a wireless airpod and costs half of what Apple charges for its Airpods.

The accessory offers solid and smooth wireless performance along with 5 hours of battery life, which seems quite enough for daily usage.

Liberty Air Airpods come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to create an effective connection with your mobile phone. Further, one-step pairing ensures that these airpods automatically connect to your mobile phone once you unplug them from their charging case.

But there is more to this affordable alternative to Apple’s Airpods. Both earbuds come with a hidden touch sensor that efficiently allows the user to answer calls or even adjust their music, without touching their phone.

These earbuds which are small and affordable have recently become increasingly popular among iPhone users. The product has a solid sound quality and comes with a compact case that includes a user manual and a charging cable.

Although there are some cons you should consider before actually buying the product, the type of charging these airpods use is MicroUSB instead of the reliable Type C cables. In addition, these earbuds can be used for various purposes and aren’t specifically designed for a specific purpose, such as sports, and gaming, etc.

But the most disturbing factor about these earbuds is the lack of mobile application to control their interference. The hardware of Anker Soundcore Liberty Air doesn’t support any application and thus it lacks in functionality. This can include controlling noise or modifying your music equalizer.

As a final say, if you want an earbud that can cater to all of your needs at a cheap price, then Liberty Air would be a good choice.

Photo courtesy: Soundcore

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