Android Q Beta update is taking the Internet by leaps and bounds

Published on June 7, 2019

The notifications have decided to kill themselves in the new Android Q Beta. In the fourth installment of it, the technology experts are dwelling for its visit. Unlike other installments, this Beta has dismissed the option to swipe one way or snooze or manage upon when swiped the other notifications. This update has been completely snoozed off.

Image Courtesy: Engadget

In the Android’s notification settings, there is little amount of dilemma regarding the Swipe Actions. But to this stage, this option has turned into a vestigial pert of Beta versions. All you can demand of here with the latest version of it is that you can swipe in either direction. If you are going for like controlling or snoozing then you just have to tap and hold to do the appropriate task. It is quite overwhelming that the world has reached the fourth generation of the Android Q Beta program. Now, with this Beta 4 has been introduced with all the advancements and enhancements to fill in the plate. Beta is always focused to eliminate the controversies and instill developers to work with compassion. But, according to the reports o f OTA, when enrolling on to the platform you should be cautious about its functioning. The latest up gradation has been done in adding few colors options for the displays within the notification, status and menu bar. The colors that are generated for the said purpose are Cinnamon, Orchid, Ocean and Space.

On swiping away from both directions, you could only swipe in a pre-determined direction in the last version. But these constraints are excluded from exercising it. The entire OS sale was leaded upfront because of the addition of contextual rotate button. This is stated to be the most controversial change in the entire history of Android. This is a biggest departure considered to the past ones. Android releases have always been the talk of the town because it provides user-friendly features. The right swipe in the last Android releases based on the current developer. But the left swipe was reserved for other options. People with left hand caricature faced tremendous issues while doing it in real sense. The legacy is now altered to be formed in both the directions. Now the control is in your hand. You can either swipe left or right as per your choice of hand.

It is still in the dilemma square of the developers to whether add it to the Q version or construct another new version to install all of these changes in it altogether. It will be annoying for the users to wait of the second thing follows because the users are already petrified with a unidirectional swipe action. According to Google Issue Tracker post, there are considerations that this will soon happen may be in August or November. Till that time you will have to live with the existing version of Android. It s quite ambidextrous to do it but you have no second option other than waiting.

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