These Android phones fail to mimic iPhone X’s notch

Published on March 4, 2018

World’s most significant smartphone event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 showcased various branded smartphone, and the unique thing was most of them were found copying iPhone X. Apple introduced its iPhone X in late 2017 with FaceID and full-screen display (with an aspect ratio of 18:9). But now other smartphone makers are trying to mimic the notch of iPhone X.

Companies aren’t focusing on the Face ID feature because of which Apple introduced that notch rather other companies have made it a trend now to have a groove in a smartphone. Chinese smartphone makers like UleFone, Oukitel, Nuo and others didn’t even served complete features of an iPhone X but launched a smartphone with the notch. Having a smartphone with a groove is worthless if it’s not having the latest technology and advanced features. So now let’s talk about some smartphone which was found copying iPhone X’s notch at MWC 2018.

Asus ZenFone 5, this smartphone came in significant highlight as the company tried hard to make something competitive with iPhone X. The company gave even a large display to screen ratio of 19:9 instead of 18:9 as found in iPhone X. ZenFone 5 promises to serve best features like loudspeakers, latest Sony imaging sensor with some right pixels. The company priced the smartphone at $499 which is precisely half of the price of an iPhone. At MWC the company called Apple a “Fruit Company” and compared their smartphone.

ZenFone 5, Apple, iPhone X

Now the next is ‘LG G7’ which was showcased by the company in a private launch besides the boundaries of MWC 2018. The company didn’t give an official showcase of the smartphone instead of some media reporters were invited to make the coverage in personal. LG G7 could be the next planned flagship of LG. Even LG tried to clone iPhone X, but the same is with this also, the company gave an effort to mimic the notch but failed, the placement doesn’t look nice, and for the feature, we cannot assure anything.

Apple, iPhone X, Notch

Huawei P20 is the next one which was found as a copycat of Apple’s notch. The company didn’t even give a reason o think. Huawei placed a very narrow and small notch at the top of the smartphone. The company copied iPhone X completely. Not just the front rather the back panel of the smartphone also resembles iPhone X. At the back, the company placed the camera in the same alignment.

Apple, iPhone X, Notch

Don’t know why companies are getting mad at creating a smartphone with the notch rather they need to focus on the overall specs of the smartphone. Having a notch with low quality of specs isn’t cool. A smartphone with a notch doesn’t come under a premium category instead of a smartphone with all needed specs, and advanced technology comes with premium which buyers want to grab. And frankly, the smartphone and the companies mentioned above failed in creating a clone of iPhone X. As they have built a smartphone with notch but not any of them carries specifications and features better than Apple’s iPhone X.

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Asus ZenFone 5, iPhone X, Apple, Notch
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