Android P to prevent apps from accessing your camera, microphone

Published on February 21, 2018

Recently, XDA Developers unearthed the code in Google’s Android P software platform. They posted a result after that that suggests that they have discovered an unknown system. The law apparently indicates that Google has added a new structure to Android P, which is specifically designed to prevent malicious applications from accessing the device’s camera or microphone.

Android P

This particular change is applicable also when these applications are running in the background. This update is expected to benefit all those security conscious users, who no longer have to worry about malicious apps possibly keeping tabs on how the users function.

Google is visibly getting better at bolstering security in all of its Android platforms. However, there are still many reports of malicious apps creating havoc for users now and then. These reports apparently put Google in a position of vulnerability. Take for example the Android malware ‘GhostCtrl,’ which appeared a couple of months back.

The malware was reportedly found to be secretly recording audio and video from thousands of Android smartphones. Coming back to the upcoming Android P change, it was initially spotted in the Android Open Source Project back in January this year. At the same time, a new Slashgear report suggests how the limitation mentioned above might be detrimental to users. Possible hackers could make use of anti-theft apps that can start recording using the front-facing camera.

“There is, however, one potentially valid use case of not letting the “user” know that the camera is currently recording. There exists a class of anti-theft apps that, at a user’s request, will start recording with the front-facing camera to potentially capture images of the thief, or at least the surroundings, without alerting them to the fact. Android P’s new policy would render those features useless,” the SlashGear report reads.

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