Android need not be open as a want by some

Published on August 8, 2018

Google is now trying to change the perception of the Android as a whole. It will be talking about a couple of years to pull this thing off. It has gained a reputation which is due to less open. To build Android which is from the source nowadays have got the looks about nothing which is like the Android that you usually get on the Pixel. It is due to the movement to the Play Services which to guarantee a level of experience which is across the platform.

A few years ago, it was seen that Android is better than these days. It has been due to the open nature of the Android which has been loved by the company.  It is seen that most of the people are not comfortable with the opening up of Android. It is used to show the notifications which are excellent in the ways that the apps interoperate with one another which is seem to be unparalleled.

The integration of the Google’s services with the rest of my workflow which needs to be the platform that can be open source to get the things done. There is an argument which seems to be reasonable, as Android is now suffering due to the open nature. The decision by the EU which is levied against the Google is the only happening which is because of the manufactures who all not pay for the specific license agreements that are used in the platform.

For instance, Fortnite is going to get released outside the PlayStore which is by default. But most of the people install the fake versions of the game, and after they suffer due to that, they start to blame Android for this, which is commonly seen. For many years from now, Google is working day and night, and this seems that the consequences for the same are now really getting raised.

Some of the things that are still in the questions are like when Fortnight is released; it will be a high-performance Android game. This game will need a more focused device which is like the Razer Phone as well as ROG Phone. This may make the popularity of this kind of phones more than the normal Android phones. With the scheduled launch of the new Android P, the company may bring some exciting features about the Android to the market as well as among the users.

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