Android Auto now supports Google Assistant

Published on January 10, 2018

Google made a slew of announcements at the CES, 2018 event. The search giant apart from unveiling newer smart home speakers that would be powered by its Assistant, also went ahead to confirm that the same Artificial Intelligence-powered companion would now be present on Android Auto as well.

Android Auto now supports Google Assistant

It was pretty confusing at first, considering that Google had already made the integration. However, the company cleared the air by stating that the previous implementation was actually a simple voice search. The things have now been upgraded to the full Google Assistant experience. Individuals now have access to a wide range of functions and tools, available to them behind Android Auto, thanks to Google Assistant.

As noted by Android Police, this announcement did not make a lot of sense at first. The “Ok, Google” integration has been appearing on Android Auto for quite some time. However, the previous implementation was based on a Voice Search. The latest one will actually be backed by Google Assistant. In other words, the majority of the Google Assistant-exclusive functions will now start appearing on the device.

Through the use of voice commands from Android Auto, drivers will have a much easier time. The previous version wasn’t Google Assistant at all. It doesn’t appear to individuals will note the difference a lot. The experience is expected to remain the same as before. It seems like owners will now be able to make use of advanced functions such as controlling external hardware (lights, locks, universal remotes) through the latest Google Assistant integration.

“With this new Google Assistant integration, you should be able to use more advanced functions like control external hardware (lights and locks at home, universal remotes, etc.) and set per-account preferences like preferred apps for music,” reports Android Police. The automobile is simply expected to respond to your commands the same way as before.

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Android Auto now supports Google Assistant
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