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Published on July 13, 2018

Tech giant Google has pushed the adoption of the Android into the vehicles for past few years now. This effort will revolve around the Android Auto and Android Automotive. This Android Automotive is said to be an entirely independent Android-based OS which can run on dedicated hardware which usually presents in the vehicle, and they are capable of controlling the HVAC, and they are in-vehicle systems.

Android Auto app

Android Auto is said to be an extension of the Android smartphone which can run on the compatible head units. This Auto Projects the phone’s displays into the head unit which is via the wired or wireless connection. This Android app can also come with running on the phone which of course have to deal with the mounting of the phone, and this can be visible and have to deal with the smaller display.

This Android Auto app has got some few built-in functions which can help in keeping the eyes on the road which can also help in making the smartphone users in the car. They have got some built-in integration which is like Google Maps, Google Play Music, and dialer app. They also have got a Notification Listener service, and they can help you to keep the date with some other important notifications.

In these type of instances, it needs to use the app which doesn’t support by the Auto app, and you have to exit the service and can go to that app.  For all this, it seems that Google is now testing a new “minimize app” button and it lets you quickly go back to the usual home screen, and it can do some action which is finished, and then they quickly re-enter to the Android Auto.

As per reports, all app will not work in Android Auto, and there are sometimes in some apps need these. The best way to get the app is by pulled over or by getting stopped, and it would be the server for the connection which is between the phone and the car. The only problem is that you have to reconnect them again and they are not quick or convenient.

This new Minimize app options may get compromised by Google as it turns the Android App into the floating circle icon and it allows the users to access the regular Android home screen and apps. If you want to do this, then you can simply tap the icon and return to the safety of Android Auto.

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Android Auto app
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