Amazon could lift up its war with Google by terminating sale of all Nest products

Published on March 3, 2018

Recent news reveals that Amazon could lift up its war with Google by stopping the sales of all Nest products on as reported by Business Insider. The report shows that there would be no addition of Nest products after the clearance of current stock. Earlier in 2017 Amazon declined to sell some of the Nest products like Nest Cam IQ and the most significant generation smart thermostat. For some weeks Amazon remains unresponsive to Nest products and then officially informed the company about its decision by phone late in the year and said the directive “came from the top.” And said that there would be no direct confirmation of this.

Nest, Google, Amazon

Image Credit: The Verge

Amazon has decided not to renew the stock once the current one goes clear. It is still hidden whether third-party sellers would be allowed to sell Nest products or not, but Amazon will itself stop the sale of Nest products.

As of now, there are some listings on Amazon which claims to be fulfilled by Amazon but are getting sold by third-party sellers. This step of Amazon will lead to a rise in the bitter, anti-customer feud between Amazon and Google. Nest has been added to Google in the last month after being an individual brand in the market for three years. Amazon has also refused to sell some Google-branded products like Google Home speakers and the Pixel smartphones. Also in December, Amazon announced that they’d restart the sale of Chromecast streaming device, but it’s been more than three months, and there is no update over that.

Google is also running ahead in this feud when the company has removed YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV streaming products and the Echo Show/Spot for the reason that Amazon has violated its terms of services. At one spot it was like the companies may solve this war and will rejoin the services in favor of its users or customers. But this fresh news made it clear that both the companies are still on the track of defeating each other.

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Nest, Google, Amazon
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