Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant Can be Hacked Using Lasers, Experts Warn

Published on November 6, 2019

According to the international researchers, the voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri can be easily hacked by the hackers with the help of a laser. The international researcher says that hackers can do hacking by shining a laser on the microphones of the devices. 

Image Credit: Fox News

Experts warn about the hacking process

An expert from Electro-communications University, Tokyo, said that the hackers get a chance through “Dubbed Light Commands” to remotely inject invisible commands in the voice assistants to hack your device. The researchers found out that the microphones react to the light as they respond to a sound. 

In a research paper, the researchers warn everyone about the hacking process with the help of laser light. In the research paper, it was mentioned that with the effect of the laser light and by modulating the amplitude of light, anyone could inject sound into the device’s microphone. They also found out in the research that the invention can be hacked from a distance of 110 meters or 361 feet. 

The researchers told that they used sixty milliwatt laser for sixteen different voice assistance devices like smartphones and smart speakers and to provide commands. As a result, they found that all the voice assistants are responding to the powers of the laser light from a distance of 164 feet. 

Experts also warn that the device like the iPhone can be hacked by laser light from a distance of 33 feet, and the Android phone devices can be hacked at a range within 16 feet. The voice assistant can be commanded silently by the laser light as the laser can carry the command from a distance. The voice assistance companies are researching to increase the security of these devices. 

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