All You Can Expect in the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11: Must Read

Published on September 25, 2019

After the launch of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus the company is now again in buzz for its upcoming addition the S series. Yes, we’re talking about the upcoming Galaxy S11. The company and is now under rumors to come up with some bold features in its upcoming phone which people are actually expecting the iPhone. The company is working hard to raise market share against Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi which are actually taking the majority of smartphone sale all across the world.

Image Credit: BGR

Earlier the in-display fingerprint sensor was the craze of the smartphone which was then faded by Apple’s 3D face recognition (The Face ID), but companies like Apple are actually working for a better way for phone’s security. The in-display fingerprint sensor doesn’t created ease of phone unlock as you need to find where to put your finger. Now some leaks suggest that some companies are actually working on the fixup of these issues which newly embedded fingerprint sensors and Samsung is introducing it as first in the upcoming Galaxy S11.

So, the expected feature is to have an in-display fingerprint sensor at the home button of the smartphone. Isn’t it seems nice to get an ease of unlocking your phone with the home button itself? The feature will serve a comfort that the smartphone will get unlocked before getting out of the pocket. Like you can unlock your phone with your thumb in your pocket itself before making pulling it out from your pocket.

In a general in-display, the fingerprint sensor may fail to get your thumb placed at the right circle to unlock your phone. While Samsung is planning for this better placement of in-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung could have also worked on another alternative for this in-display fingerprint reader and that is to increase the active area for the unlocking of a smartphone. The Next-generation fingerprint sensor is on its way for all of us where we’ll be having a large active area for the unlocking of the smartphone. This will allow you to put your finger pretty much anywhere on the lower part of the display and your fingerprint will get traced.

A leak also suggests that Apple is also working on the same technology of in-display fingerprint sensor. This is almost impossible to assume that Apple will replace its Face ID unlock with an in-display fingerprint sensor but the company may use both in combination to make it more secure for a user to protect his phone from strangers.

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