All the details about Overwatch’s latest reporting features

Published on March 26, 2018

Earlier this week, game developer Blizzard took the wraps off a new update. The latest update throws light upon Overwatch’s latest reporting features. They are reportedly designed to help players develop a better and more positive gameplay experience. “If you use the ‘Avoid as Teammate’ option on a player, that action will be effective in the next match,” said Overwatch’s Scott Mercer in a forum post.

“The matchmaker will no longer place you on a team with the avoided player for one week. Sometimes you don’t want to play with someone as a teammate because you disagree with their playstyle or her choice. Sometimes your personalities or communication style simply clash. These can happen without either party being toxic.”

Apart from this, there’s a new reporting system that the developers have integrated. The system is updated to accurately reflect the behavior of players that must report for as such. For example, the ‘Griefing’ category is given the name, ‘Gameplay Sabotage.’ In other words, the category is specifically designed to come to the player’s aid when they are purposely harassed or disrupted by their teammates.

These functions can simply be opted for through the use of gameplay mechanisms.  “A clear example of this is Symmetra teleporter exits being placed at the side of cliffs, so teammates immediately drop to their death,” Mercer said. “Another example is players intentionally allowing themselves to be eliminated by the enemy team. This move refers to the community as ‘feeding’ or ‘int’.”

Mercer has clarified that merely having a bad match or playing a non-meta hero is not an excellent example of Gameplay Sabotage. “For a player to report for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose,” Mercer said. Therefore, if you are the kind not to enjoy someone’s gameplay style, then you should avoid the Teammate system altogether.

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