A Quick Look at The Apple M1

Published on November 14, 2020

The M1 is here and boy, is it amazing!

Image Credit: [Apple]

The M1 is Apple’s first custom silicon designed specifically for a Mac. Before, the company used off-the-shelf Intel processors. Now, Apple desktops and laptops will be powered with Apple’s very own CPU.

Apple’s custom chip really does deliver incredible performance and some amazing power efficiency. The SoC (System on Chip) was designed from the ground to with macOS Big Sur.

Artificial Intelligence Included

All in all, this is a 32-core chip. It has 8 CPU cores, 8 graphics cores, and 16 ‘Neural Engine’ cores that are built specifically for machine learning applications.

Image Credit: [Apple]

Before the M1, Macs, like all other Personal Computers, needed to have multiple chips in order to function. Now, the processor, I/O (Input/Output), security hardware, GPU (Graphics Processor), and memory are all integrated into a single chip.

Image Credit: [Apple]

First 5nm Chip

Apple’s M1 is based on 5nm transistor technology. While Intel is has been struggling to get to 10nm, and AMD is proud to be at 7nm, Apple is way ahead of the game.

The M1 Has Unified Memory

The new Apple SoC features a unified memory architecture. It unifies low‑latency, high‑bandwidth memory into a single address space. This drastically improves performance and power efficiency.

Stay Tuned For More M1 Details

We are no were near finished covering this CPU. This move by Apple is going to change the entire computer industry, and it’s so exciting to be in the field to witness the transition from x86 to ARM.



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