A Guide in Choosing a Toronto Video Production Company

Published on June 7, 2020
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Video productions are a game player in Toronto businesses. However, they are a costly investment, and partnership is needed. You cannot simply hire a Toronto video production company and expect a fabulous result without the right content. As the client, you also have the duty to contribute content on it but the right company will walk you through everything necessary to achieve that and have a seamless project. That said, video productions are demanding in terms of money and time, thus ensuring you made the right choice is vital.  

What You Should Consider in Choosing a Toronto Video Production Company 

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a Toronto video production company but among them, these three are the giant ones: 

Factor #1: PRICE 

Naturally, one of the common main concerns of every client is the video production’s price. Although the allotted budget can change, it is oftentimes the clients’ priority to find a video production company in Toronto that can make the job done according to their budget.  

The comparison can be made easy since there is usually a bit of difference in price among video production companies in the industry. The one-man to three-men team usually sell their services at a cheap rate since they are still introducing their business in the industry and are still attracting customers from the market. On the spectrum’s other end, meanwhile, are the giant video production companies that are armed with years of experience. They are the ones that usually price their services high. Meanwhile, in the middle of those two are the independent video teams that are likewise experienced but still do not have the budget to take their business onto the next level.  

The price does not always define the company’s work, nonetheless. There are cheap video production companies that produce really great videos while there are pricey ones that are only good at advertising but lack the right skills to pull off the job. The key when considering the price is to be realistic; stick to your budget as much as possible and adjust your expectations accordingly.  


Ideally, you should meet your prospective video production team in person to discuss the project face to face. But aside from the discussions, the meeting will also help build your relationship with each other which is also a factor in achieving the best results. Hence, you should consider meeting up with the companies you are considering and meet the camera ops who will appear on that appointment. These men have to be socially comfortable with you or your video’s subjects. They should never make their clients feel uncomfortable nor awkward with them around. This is why the personality of each member of their team matters. The point here is to find a team that you will comfortably get along with since video production is a job that is going to entail a lot of communication and teamwork.  

Factor #3: QUALITY 

Another major factor is quality, like with any other product. Nowadays, clients can easily get a glimpse of a company’s work. They often would just have to visit the company’s website and check its portfolio section where some of its great samples are uploaded. That section would be a great start to evaluate the company’s quality as it can give an indication of how good (or otherwise) you can expect with regards to its output. Moreover, in this section, the previous clients will most likely be exposed too and on that note, it is possible to reach them and ask about their actual experience.  

Quality over quantity should be your mantra in choosing a Toronto video production company. It should not excite you that much if you find a portfolio full of videos. You have to check their quality first, i.e. how they were done, etc. Fortunately, social media can also help if you are trying to check on previous clients’ experience on the company because social media, e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, is where a lot of truths are easily posted.  

Other Considerations 

Now besides the three major factors, there are also other factors worth considering: 

EXPERIENCE. How long a company has been providing its services in the industry also says a big thing about how experienced, skilled, and capable they will be to achieve what you want your video to convey and how you want it done. Their staff’s qualifications are also worth checking out. Upon conversing with them during your first inquiry, you might want to plan on discreetly asking about their qualifications, e.g. how long they have been working in the industry, what known companies they have worked with, etc. It will be a great idea to look into the principals’ kind of work before hiring them.  

REFERENCES. Checking the references is always a great idea like in other businesses. In this area, you may want to ask your friends about the company’s references’ names and numbers or you can check them out on social media. What the past clients can say about the company will likely define how your experience with them will also end up.  

TIME. Just because one company can create a video faster than the other, it does not automatically mean the former is better. Nonetheless, time is still an essential factor to consider after. So, after finalizing your options, (in which case you should have made sure of their quality of work), that is where you can already make a comparison of their speed. Now, if you are a hands-on kind of client and you want to be with them as they progress on the video production, make sure that your involvement will not be an interruption.  

VISION. It is also important that you and the video production company in Toronto you will be working with share the same vision. If you can see the creativity you have been imagining in them, then that company is definitely worth considering. If you can see the quality of the shots you have longed to achieve in their portfolio, then that is another plus. Taking vision into account is like putting importance in style over substance as the former can change over time and it might get challenging to go with the flow. Make sure your chosen video production company can get you through that phase gracefully.  

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