A Good Gamer – Why Should Hardware Hold You Back?

Published on November 3, 2022

Once a gamer, always a gamer! There’s no doubt about it. How would you feel if someone asked you to stop doing what you do to escape your mundane routine?

Photo by Alena Darmel

Like, stop reading books, stop hanging out with your friends, or stop dining out. Well, it’s just the same for a gamer. You’ll ask for their life if you do that! Gaming isn’t just for fun; it’s more of a passion.

Once you step into the graphic world, you’ll say hello to a completely different person! More of a version they can’t be in the real world. How would you feel if someone started shooting random people out of the blue in the real world? Crazy, right?

Since gamers can’t get what they want here, they want the best real-life experience in the world inside their computers. Hardware plays a major role in giving what they ask for. Every gamer invests or wants to invest in the best hardware to enrich their gaming experience.

If you’re already a good gamer but your hardware sucks, what’s the point of putting so much energy when you know you’re going to lose anyway. To dodge this, you need to know which hardware to install to win your next game and every round you play after that! Let’s look at the types of hardware you need to focus on.


You’re the only member alive, your team’s counting on you, you’re aiming to take the final shot at the enemy ahead, and the moment you’re about to shoot, the screen turns red, and you’re dead. Frustrating, isn’t it? Makes you want to your flip your table! Nothing’s more infuriating than a slow mouse. There are some mouse you can invest in. However, the Razer Basilisk v3 vs G502 is the best duo to compare when you’re thinking of buying the best mouse! When playing frantic games, you need speed, precision, and reflexive thinking and actions. These will help you to do just that! Considering your comfort as a top priority too.


The devices that give direct input in your games need to focus here. It is advised to use mechanical keyboards that aren’t just controlled by a membrane or a plastic dot but by faster, firmer, and more responsive mechanisms. These keyboards have switches that are denoted by different colors having different characteristics.

Companies like Logitech and Razer make mechanical keyboards with more advanced features like macro key and media buttons used for customization and preferences in gaming. Logitech G413, Corsair K55 RGB, Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L RGB, and Corsair Strafe RGB are some options to look into.


Ever dropped your popcorn at a jump scare while watching a movie? Well, it’s all thanks to the good buildup. The better the sound, the more you’re involved. A good headset allows you to pinpoint any minor or spatial activity that can help you configure the course of your gaming strategy. Speakers don’t let you have this advantage. You can find the best suitable headset for your gaming experience here.


Relying on lag-free and direct executions of the commands is a given when it comes to gaming. To escalate this, gamers need to invest in the best quality controllers. Examples such as Razer Raiju, Scuf Infinity, and Nacon Revolution Pro are some of the best options to consider. The Scuf, for instance, has customizable thumbsticks, modifiable hair-trigger mechanisms, and trigger extenders that provide great comfort.

On the contrary, the Razer Raiju provides extra buttons and four programmable paddles, which help you to access certain game options more quickly. You can redirect controls to these paddles for options like changing weapons or reloading them without having to take your thumbs off of the analog sticks! Imagine saving your precious seconds while playing Fortnite! 

Graphics Card

Gamers insert a graphics card to give a real-life experience to their games. It enhances the game features like texture processing, image analyzing, anti-aliasing, and much more. If you’re only using the computer to watch videos or type text, inserting it won’t be necessary. However, a graphics card is a must-have to enhance your gaming performance.


How would you feel if you were actually inside a survival game? Having a high-quality TV will provide you with good visibility. You’ll think you’ll be shot if you don’t take rapid action soon. Having this experience will give you the power to divert from the dangers coming from ahead and have the advantage of eliminating them instead. However, huge TV screens can play against you since you won’t be able to scan the complete area to spot the enemy in shooting games like Call of Duty.

An alternative is a specialized monitor. You’ll have to consider the panel type, screen resolution, and refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, the better. It must be in sync with the graphics card, so the display isn’t distorted or stressed. Brands like Acer, LG, Asus, Iiyama, and Dell produce some decent models.


CPU is a fundamental part of the gaming world. Everything you see or the commands you give are directed to the CPU, which translates the input into a language that is understandable by the computer. Faster the processor, the smoother your gaming experience.


Is it fun when you suddenly lose all your gaming history and cache due to a power outage or when the computer shuts down accidentally? You absolutely hate it, don’t you? Well, if you do not want that to happen, there is a way you can dodge it. Inserting RAM (Random Access Memory) will help your computer store your short-term information and gaming history, ensuring you don’t go nuts when your computer starts acting up in the middle of your game. 

Gaming is a one-of-a-kind experience. Being a good gamer is hard enough; you shouldn’t let any other thing hinder your way up the scoreboard. You’ll have more things on your plate, and you don’t want hardware problems lingering above your head. Now that’s just unfair. This knowledge will help you eliminate unwanted hardware problems faltering your gaming.

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