.70 Cal ALUMINIUM Shotgun Slugs – Ballistic Trials04:33

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Published on December 5, 2017

Bullets are usually made out of lead or other heavy metals. This allows them to be small, but heavy and therefore carry a lot of energy so they fly straight and far without slowing down quickly. What happens if the slugs are made SUPER light weight? Will they still be stable? What sort of damage will they do?
I asked my (few) followers what they would like us to shoot these with. I selected the targets that I actually had. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

These slugs were made by Tim from Tactical G-Code. He actually shot these first and his results were good too. Here is his video:

And here is how he made them, but out of titanium:

Darren was wearing an ENDO Apparel Tshirt:

My page:

About the P3 Precision shooting rest:

High speed cameras:
Casio EXF1 Pro
Sony RX10 II



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