7 Techie Airport Hacks That Make Flying Better

Published on February 27, 2017

With more delays and dramas at the airport than ever, everyone is looking for ways to make their flights more bearable. Check out our awesome list of seven airport hacks for tech junkies to make your next layover a breeze.

7 Techie Airport Hacks That Make Flying Better

Tip One: Sign Up to Get Pre-Checked by TSA

With 16% of all delayed last year, you want to make at least your check-in process as painless as possible. Sign up online to get pre-checked by TSA, and you can keep your shoes on! You’ll also be allowed to cut long lines.

Tip Two: Get A Digital Tracker For Your Luggage

It’s impossible to relax when you’re facing losing your luggage. To prevent this, one of our favorite airport hacks is making sure you’ve picked up a digital tracker that doesn’t just offer extra security, but also tells you where your luggage is at all times.

Tip Three: Download the My TSA App

If you want to know how long the security line will take or need information about luggage restrictions, flight delays, and even possible upgrades, downloading the My TSA App for Apple and Andriod phones is an awesome and easy-to-use airport hack.

Tip Four: Don’t Forget Power Adapters

No matter where you’re traveling, you need to make sure your electronics work! Don’t forget, though, that countries and regions may have different plugs and outlets than in your home country.

Make sure you have purchased adapters – even better if you get one with several plugs!

Tip Five: Don’t Pay For WiFi

If you’re a tech geek, even a few hours without internet can feel like a lifetime. If Boingo is the provider of choice at your airport, don’t click on the option reading “Get Online Now.” Instead, click on the one reading “The Good Stuff.”

Then, select a free site and open a new browser tab. Voila – you’re connected without having to provide your credit card information.

Tip Six: Charge Your Phone In Airplane Mode

The rumors are true regarding this airport hack. Charging your phone in airplane mode does actually replenish your battery supply faster. Still, if you’re facing a longer flight, consider picking up a phone case that also charges your phone, so you won’t be unreachable for long.

Tip Seven: Plan Your Meals

Nobody likes airplane food, but recently, airports have made an effort to improve things when it comes to providing travelers with better dining options.

Apps like AirGrub are a favorite airport hack of foodies because they allow you to order and pay for food on your phone, so that when you arrive at the airport, your food will be waiting for you.

It’s like the Seamless of airport food – but instead of sorting restaurants by which terminal they’re in, it tells you the best food options closest to your gate.

Make The Connection

Now that you’ve got a list of the seven best airport hacks, it’s time to go ahead and book that dream vacation. For more awesome tech tricks and tips, follow us on Twitter.

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