6 Everyday Hacks for a Better Work/Life Balance

Published on March 6, 2017

Perfect work life. Perfect home life. You really can do it all, you know–the secret is in finding everyday hacks.

The main function of technology is to help make life easier. So finding those sweet every day hacks to help you claim back extra hours here and there all add up to one satisfied outlook on life.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, either.

Here are 6 of our favorite everyday hacks to help you tame the chaos of life.

1. Take organization online

Swap the Filofax or phone calendar for an online app and keep everything where it’s easy to reach and even easier to share.

Try Trello to log and organize tasks. You can color code them, drag and drop them onto different boards and add things like lists and due dates. You can also invite and share your boards with other people.

Evernote is like an online notebook with added oomph. You can save pages from the web, add photos and text notes. It gives you the option of organizing your notes into different notebooks which you can share with others.

You can also make your work life far easier with everyday hacks like add-on apps for existing programs that you already use. ProjectSheet Planning, Form Publisher, and Yet Another Mail Merge are some of the best.

2. Consolidate your social life

A social life should be more about being social and less about messing about on multiple messenger apps to organize everyone.

If this sounds familiar, try downloading Connect app. It was created to put the “social” back into your social life by capturing social ideas and helping to make them happen.

Slack is also the newest kid on the block when it comes to socializing online. It gives you the option to send files, search files, private message and stops you having to switch between apps to get everything done. Think of how much time you’ll save with this everyday hack!

3. Fitting fitness in

Making the time to cram a workout into your day is tough enough and that’s before you’ve even started exercising.

Apps like Fitnet help you get a workout in whenever you can with live trainers and 200 free videos. It also works with the Apple watch, so you can monitor your progress.

4.Mindfulness on the go

Mindfulness is all the rage now, but how does anyone ever find any time to do it? Download Buddhify and use your commute, a walk to the store or those precious moments before bed to get a 5-minute meditation in.

5. Manage your money

Ever heard of a challenger bank? These up-and-coming businesses, like Monzo and Atom, let you load cash onto bank cards for better budgeting.

They monitor how and what you’re spending on and send you alerts when you’re going over budget. It’s the everyday hack that stops you having to manually sift through your finances!

6. Holiday hack

Download TouristEye and make your own vacation wish list. You can bookmark locations, meet guides and even get offline maps. It means you can start planning your next vacation wherever you are. Easy!

By adding a couple of these easy hacks to your life, you can easily roll multiple tasks into one and get more done.

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