5G is no more a dream, a recent specs registration states clearly

Published on December 30, 2017

Gone are the days when 4G used to be the latest and fastest network. The new generation is here. According to a report from Fierce Wireless, the organization that governs cellular standards, i.e. 3GPP, has finally and officially signed off on 5G NR standard’s first specification, after being in development for a while at a meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.


Although the agreement on the official paperwork for 5G networks seems like a huge step ahead, what’s going to be a greater challenge is, implementing it and get it up and running since it gives companies a hard specification for what they need to be building which is going to be quite a task for the companies.

A wide range of the spectrum, that is from as large as the 600 and 700 MHz bands to as small as the millimeter wave portion of the spectrum at 50GHz, is being covered by the finalized 5G specification, as per the plans. More about it would be disclosed when the complete standards for the 5G will be published later this week.

After the standards of 5G being finalized, the carriers and hardware companies are now in charge to deliver those exact standards, which most probably would take time to happen. Not because we doubt their abilities but because the same has happened in the history of the networks so far. For instance, the standards for the 4G network, as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (the ITU) and 3GPP officially, were to provide a 100 Mbps data rate while moving and a 1 Gbps while stationary, which they were unable to fulfil completely and today these 4G and LTE networks are not able to provide us with that. Hopefully, the LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro standards will comply with those speeds and standards.

Nonetheless, the formal end line for this all-new network, especially with companies like T-Mobile and Verizon, assuring 5G networks to start gushing in the air in 2018 and 2019, in itself is a very huge and important achievement and step towards realizing this goal in real. And surely, this progress is much ahead and more promising than it had just a logo yet being years away from it.




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