5 Best Agile CRM Alternative for Your Small Business in 2020

Published on July 26, 2020
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CRM is designed to automate customer relationship management, sales, marketing, and other services in order to generate sales and increase the returns of the company. Platforms like Agile CRM have been well known in this space yet there are a number of Agile alternatives that have also sprung up in recent times. These platforms are much more affordable and they have many more features that can help you completely automate your marketing operations.  

A powerful CRM system allows you to track interaction with your contacts; prompts your team to conduct follow ups on the lead generation process along with conversion of the leads into customers and closing the deals, generate comprehensive reports, and give your company an overview of who all are the customers and how are they responding with the company’s products or services. The right alternative to Agile would help you with all these needs so that you are able to reach, engage nurture and convert your leads. Before we talk about the various Agile alternatives, let us consider the different types of CRM systems or processes that can help you with your business and its goals. Once you understand the various kinds of CRM, you will be able to establish which kind you need for your business and which alternative to Agile would suit you the most. 

Types of CRM 

  1. Operational CRM 

This provides solutions regarding sales automation, marketing automation and customer service. They mainly focus on lead generation. 

  1. Analysis based CRM 

This provides solutions with regards to the conversion of leads into customers. This includes the process calculations and analysis to establish the different ways and channels to achieve your targets. 

  1. Collaborative CRM 

This basically refers to distribution of the information to all the various departments who would need these data which including  your sale team, marketing team, operational team and other, the main aim of this CRM is to bring all the team under a single umbrella. 

What is Agile CRM? 

Agile CRM is a next generation all-in-one sales, marketing and customer support solution for growing businesses that helps them thrive in an ever changing global marketplace. There are also a number of worthy alternatives to Agile.  

Top 3 reason to choose Agile CRM 

  • All-in-one CRM  

It provides all the facilities under a single platform resulting in increasing the efficiency of the software services provided by them. 

  • Affordable 

It is a modernised software with great inbuilt tools at a great price. Due to its easy implementation process, it is highly recommended to all especially the startups and a number of small and medium businesses. Yet, there are many other platforms and alternatives to Agile CRM that offer you the same services at a much more affordable price point for various sizes of businesses.  

  • Next Generation 

It is very simple, affordable and extremely fast in providing results. This can also be used on the smart phone so that you can access your CRM from anywhere, at any time and not miss out on a single business opportunity. 

Before we go deeper into the Agile alternatives, let us cast a glance on the various features of the perfect CRM system so that the business is able to grow and scale that much faster. Besides handling information in an organized way, the CRM system or the Agile alternative should also be able to help you use that information in a relevant way to make conversions.  

When talking about competition there are various alternatives to Agile, there is a long list to go about, especially EngageBay with its top notch all round service. So let’s get started with the alternatives to Agile CRM: 


As an alternative to Agile CRM, you can be sure that EngageBay will be the best option. This is due to the fact that most of the features and plans on this platform can be acquired and used for free. You can use this platform to create targeted campaigns to reach the various segments of customers. Not only this, but you can also position yourself well with a great lead generation mechanism that helps you find the right prospects from a wider audience. This Agile CRM alternative will always be handy when it comes to tracking leads and the deliverables like emails, as well as the analytics that come with the same.  


With this platform, you will be able to get well etched out features that were the very first to enter the market. This alternative to Agile CRM will give you many benefits that will help you understand your prospects so that you can easily go ahead and created customized campaigns to reach out to them on various channels. Yet, this may not be the most evolved or the most affordable platform when compared to other highly evolved platforms like EngageBay.  

Fresh Sales 

You can get a 21 day free trial with Fresh Sales. This makes it a good alternative to Agile CRM. Yet, it does not offer all the features on a single platform which makes integration necessary, and often more expensive as well.  


This is also a well known alternative to Agile CRM. Insightly has been given a number of awards that make it a good platform. Yet, it is not the most affordable platform despite all the various features that it offers. You can generate and nurture leads on this platform, even as you tap into the right customer base with well etched out campaigns using the information that is sought and stored in the databases and the CRM framework.  


ActiveCampaign is a well know platform with many features. Yet, it basically offers all the features that have to do with email marketing. This makes it a good enough alternative to Agile CRM, yet you cannot rely on it for all your CRM and marketing automation needs.  

The above analysis shows that EngageBay is the best alternative to Agile CRM thanks to its wide range of features as well as the affordability factor.  

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