2020 is a Real-Life Revenge of the Nerds

Published on December 22, 2020
Image Credit: [Pexels]

Look around, guys. Does everyone have a football in their pocket? I THINK NOT.

How many people do you know that have modal train-sets in their pocket? 0. That’s how many.

What about a stamp collection? None. These are niche interests that are not enjoyed by the masses. You know, like computers used to be.

The hobby of the computer nerds in the 70s and 80s now reigns SUPREME

The reign of technology, and the trinkets that come along with it, is what has taken over as a dominant global force

More than any nation-state, religion, ideology, or individual, that’s for sure.

More Than The Romans, Aztecs, And The Mongols Combined!

Technology and the devices and services that come from it have more influence than really anything else in history.


Nerds Are The Ones Who Are Changing The World

The internet and humanities insatiable thirst for more of it even rivals TV and Car culture in the American 1950s.

Are you a homeless man? Do you have a $20 cellphone? Are you within 100 FT of a McDonalds?

If you answered those ^ three questions with YES, then congratulations, you have more communication powers and access to more conveniences than the president did 10 years ago.

The Bad Old Days

Remember when wanted to hear a song and you used to have to either own the album or wait for it to come on the radio? Yeah, that was terrible.

Remember when if you wanted to know something you had to either physically go to a book that had the information or ask the uniformed masses who will always give you the wrong answer? Yeah. Me too. That was terrible.

Remember when you wanted to watch your favorite TV show, you had to not only wait for it to ‘come on’ but you had to make sure to schedule your entire life around it just so you could see it? Yeah, me too. That was terrible.

Millenia of Sports Did Nothing to Advance Humanity

None of the modern conveniences and honestly, necessities that we have today were born from the advancement of spots or other athletic uses of human time.

What Does a Nerds Revenge Look Like?

Take a look around you. Go to a grocery store. Look at the cars outside and the phone in your pocket. None of that came from the enemies of intellect. Look at the sheer abundance and capability that computer technology has brought humanity and really, truly ask yourself if you could live without it, or even be born without it.

The answer, if answered honestly with any thought of the situation whatsoever, is a resounding ‘no.’

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