0013 Sec23B PUB ATAC Male Sensual Energizing Massage E613 Trunk Thigh Genitals04:33

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Published on January 26, 2017

0013 ATAC SEM Sensual Energizing Massage E613 Trunk Thigh Genitals
Anti Tumors Anti Cysts Sensual Stretch Energizing Massage
Back Buttock Chest Abdomen Groins Penis Scrotum Perineum

0013 Sec23 ATAC SEM Sensual Energizing Massage
E613 Trunk Thigh Genitals Section 23
ATAC Stretch Energizing Meditation Acupressure Cow Pose
Anus Perineum Scrotum Glans of Penis Corona Penis Shaft Frenulum

A 55 minutes stress relief passive exercise for
1) Effectively increasing healthy brain waves;
2) Promoting detoxification for legs, pelvis, abdomen, genitals;
3) Intensifying/Enhancing reproductive system and increasing body energy;
4. Anti Tumors Anti Cysts.

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