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Published on November 21, 2018

Google’s phones are best known for the software and features which it holds. These phones have genuine prices according to the solid-built in the smartphones. Also, there is no doubt that these phones have affordable prices. If you will look to the past Pixel’s smartphone, known as flagships they were too expensive, but now according to the Russian gadget blog claims that Pixel 3 from Google will have good results as it will have a mid-range price, therefore it is completely clear that a phone with great specification and that too available at a low price will have a great sale in the market.

Google, Pixel

If we talk about the look of new Pixel 3 then it has a glass back and has a rear panel and also an FHD+ LCD display which will obviously give a great video experience to the user, this FHD is a new technology in terms of display and also with the LCD display it also has the AMOLED screen. The next interesting thing which Pixel 3 holds is that earlier it had a Snapdragon 670 chip but now it has the latest and fastest Snapdragon 845 which you can have in this new Pixel 3. Not only the fastest speed it gives but with that, it also holds 4 GB of RAM with 32 GB of internal storage in which you can store a great number of photos and videos.

This new great smartphone holds exciting features but with that, it has one great disadvantage which the users will face, that is, this phone doesn’t have a headphones jack. This is the only disadvantage one can find out in this smartphone, regarding another phone, this phone contains great features which will be best than other smartphones, which includes, a great battery of 2,915 mAh, with a great Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+. One thing which it holds as the same as the earlier Pixel smartphone, yes the camera this smartphone holds the same 8-MP and 12-MP front and same is the rear camera.

This great featured phone has got a price tag of  $400 to $500, with this it was reported that it will launch in late this year or may be in the early of next year, 2019. This smartphone will have a great response in the market as it will give great features than earlier Nexus models.

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Google, Pixel
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