You Can Now Control Your Roku From the Apple Watch

Published on November 9, 2019

If you are using both Roku and Apple watch, here it is excellent news for you. Roku announced its free application today, which will be supported in Apple’s Watch OS. As a result, one can use multiple features in the eco-system, such as voice control and finding the remote. 

Image Credit: Giz Modo

The procedure to install the application is straightforward. To access the app in your Apple Watch, you need to update the mobile app of Roku to the latest version 6.1.3 on the iPhone. If you enabled the automatic installs in your Apple Watch, you would get the app without any further work of installation. But, in case you have not enabled the automated installs in your smartwatch, you need to go to the Watch app for installing the application. 

Surprisingly, the application is working fine on the watch. It includes virtual remote within the clock. It also has the option to launch your favorite channels very quickly. There are few selected Roku TV models and Roku devices where you can use voice commands from your application in the watch. One can command to switch HDMI ports, launch any specific channel, or search within particular genres from your wristwatch. Though the uses of these features are infrequent in day to day activities, having innovative features is always welcomed in the tech world. The new features can potentially neutralize the mobility issues. 

The Best Feature

There are several features involved in the application, but one of the features remains the best and has lots of practical uses. The remote finder feature helps the users to locate their remote. Once the users are unable to find their remote of Roku TV or Roku Ultra, they can use their application to send a signal to the remote. Once the remote gets the message, it will play an audible sound to locate itself. 

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