Yes, You Can Actually Get Baby Yoda Ears for Your Amazon Echo Dot

Published on August 4, 2020

Calling all fanatical Star Wars fans, if you happen to own a 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot, popular accessory manufacturer OtterBox has developed a stand that will make your Smart speaker look like that baby Yoda that you are all so obsessed with.

All ya gotta do is place your Echo Dot in the stand and, walla, your device will now have Baby Yoda’s ears. Congratulations. OtterBox claims that doing this will make your Echo Dot the ‘cutest bounty in the galaxy.’ or something like that, idk. The stand is, at the very least, designed so that you can easily interact with the Echo Dot, so none of the buttons, speakers, or microphones are obstructed.

OtterBox has a reputation for making highly rugged cell phone cases, so you can expect their other products to be just as sturdy. With this amazing, new, totally functional, and definitely not at all waste of money device you can insert a Star Wars reference here.

If you would like to take part in a company cashing in on the public’s obsession with a character from Star Wars, then you can waste your time and money right here.

Featured Image Credit: [Otterbox]

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