Winamp-style Plexamp music player for Windows, macOS launched

Published on December 19, 2017

Media player platform Plex announced on Monday, 18th December 2017, addressing the launch of its Plexamp music player. The platform is exclusively made available for macOS and Windows software. This is the first such project introduced by the official Plex Labs. According to Gadgets 360, this product is a part of the company’s experimental testing initiative. Plexamp has apparently been inspired by another, equally-popular media player called Winamp.

During the launch, Plex co-founder, Elan Feingold said that their latest product was the result of their attempt to combine music and Plex software. The developers at Plex kept three things in mind, i.e., small, powerful and beautiful. The only other product that features the features mentioned above is Winamp. Therefore, it was natural for Plex to take inspiration from them.

The Plex team thus began the work on the “most classic and beloved small audio player.” Plex is created to provide an extensive range of services, which includes a simple server model, metadata-rich library, personalized music collection and many other free services.

The Plexamp app has been designed to work on both operating systems, macOS as well as Windows. However, interested individuals will require at least macOS 10.9 or above and Windows 7 or above to make use of the app.

The Plexamp app is created to extend support to all music formats. Not only does it sport the individual ‘Companion’ help, but it also ends up providing remote control for other Plex players as well. Individuals can even work with Plexamp app offline as well. The platform is based on some software products, including Electron, React, MobX and ES7. The Plexamp app also offers a global activation hotkey, which is similar to Spotlight (on Mac OS) or Music Player Daemon (MPD).

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