Why Should You Choose to Learn JavaScript?

Published on September 28, 2020
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Web application developers are usually spoilt of choice as they consider the best language and frameworks to utilize in their quests. However, JavaScript has emerged as a top choice over the years, but don’t mistake it for Java. You might interchangeably use one to mean the other; however, Java and JavaScript are different. The discussion between the two has, for some time now, been a hot topic. Still, JavaScript’s popularity is rapidly growing as more developers continue to like its versatility. With information on what JavaScript experts should know, you can realize a lot as you endeavor to efficiently and cost-effectively develop web apps. As you consider the best language to learn, JavaScript wins on various fronts. Here is a look at the top reasons you should pick JavaScript.

Easy to learn

Among the most frustrating concerns as you strive to learn is the process’s complexity. JavaScript’s learning curve is smooth compared to options such as PHP. This makes it easier even for beginners, especially noting that the machine typically handles most of your codes’ complexities. Setting up an ideal development environment isn’t such a hassle as JavaScript is a web development technology, making it easier to get started.


From front-end to back-end development, with JavaScript, you don’t need to learn a new language. Here is the best part; whether you want to develop web or mobile apps, JavaScript has got you covered. Such a wide array usage makes the language a lot more appealing to developers. The versatility, coupled with its extensive array of frameworks, you can comfortably develop top-class apps without struggling to learn a new language.

Readily available learning materials

As JavaScript language and top frameworks are well-documented, you can easily access a rich pool of learning resources. With such a rich collection, you can find as much information as you need to facilitate a smooth learning process. You can take advantage of free online tutorials to get started, earn the basics, and start coding. Should you need more information, you can supercharge your quests by considering coding boot camps to enhance your JavaScript prowess dramatically and learn what JavaScript Experts Should Know.

Huge community

Are you stuck with a bug you can’t seem to get around? That won’t be a significant hiccup as JavaScript boasts of a massive developer community.  Join the discussion and find out what you need to know to deal with such bugs, among other valuable information that eases your efforts to understand various concepts. The community also offers a chance to meet other like-minded developers, or even find peers who can mentor you along the learning and advancement journey.

Bonus benefit; good pay; if you are considering a tech career, JavaScript is an excellent addition. JavaScript developers earn an impressive income, and the demand is only growing by the day. As JavaScript continues to be a go-to for most organizations, small and big, the demand for skilled developers is steadily rising by the day. With good pay and job security, learning JavaScript is a promising path to pursue.



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