Why Are Electronic Shelf Labels Are a Smart Choice for Retail Investor

Published on January 26, 2021
Credit: Franklin Heijnen/Wikimedia Commons

Retailers worldwide have been embracing the idea of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) with open arms now. Digital price tags have become common in Europe, but the US market still has a long way to go before they completely adapt to this change. With the international markets shifting towards this change, the US is all set to join them in the race. 

The ESLs have proved themselves worthy of the change, and slowly the offline store owners in America are starting to realize that. Retail investors across the country are installing digital tags in their stores and optimizing their business productivity. However, many are still behind and find themselves to be reluctant to follow this trend.   

In this article, you’ll find how digital price tags are changing the retail industry’s ecosystem and how you can reap the benefits of adopting this technology. Let’s get started:

The Present-Day Retailing

You could assure yourself with digital price tags that you are providing your customers with the present-day buying experience. Moreover, a study carried by KPMG revealed that more than 60 percent of buyers are happy to buy from a store with ESLs, as it provides them a better experience. 

A buyer can see all the information about the product on the little LED screen of digital tags – the price according to the quantity, the availability of stock, the discounts, and much more. Expert solutions providers at Ses-imagotag believe that it is the future of retail business worldwide. In today’s shopping environment, it becomes more than necessary for an offline store owner to invest in this device to improve store operations and customer experience. 

The Price Is Always Right

Another significant benefit you get with ESLs is the feature of price agility throughout the store. It means you have the same price on your products, compared to online stores. With digital price tags, you get the benefit of dynamic pricing. Further, you get that issue out of the way as you can always update the cost from the back end, where you have all the control over the pricing system. 

That said, for customers, pricing is one of the most important. Many try to equate the product’s value on multiple platforms before they finally decide to buy the said product. And if you are a store that is presenting the same product at higher prices due to lack of price management, you can lose that customer. ESLs provides customers with a more accurate and reliable pricing system.

Collects Important Information

Some more advanced ESls devices are fitted with heat sensors, which give you information about the temperature of a product and warn you if it goes up or falls below the required levels of temperature. It gives the store owner to fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Hence, digital price tags increase the in-house productivity at the very same time.


A digital price tag offers a store owner many significant advantages. Most of the world has already accepted this technology, and some ready to embrace it. Above mentioned reasons give you an insight into why these price tags create a better shopping experience for a customer. And as a store owner, it should be your top priority. 

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