WhatsApp to be updated with new ‘Demote’ feature

Published on January 12, 2018

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly planning on adding a new feature called, ‘Demote’ which will bring about significant changes to the way group chats are conducted. “A new button in group chats that will allow one administrator to ‘demote’ other administrators, without first deleting them from the group and then adding again as normal participants,” the report by NDTV reads.

WhatsApp to be updated with new ‘Demote’ feature.

Currently, when an administrator of a given WhatsApp group wishes to remove another administrator from the community, they are required to directly remove the concerned administrator from the group at first. Following which, they are required to add him or her again.

The WA Beta Info report states that WhatsApp is currently testing out the new feature for its platform. The new option, which is present in the Group Info section as ‘Dismiss as admin’ will enable participants to dismiss one another without actually removing them from the group. The company is currently carrying out tests of the latest feature, for both IOS as well as Android.

“At present, WhatsApp is developing this feature for iOS and it will be available soon for all users, instead of for Android it is already enabled by default in the newest WhatsApp Google Play beta for Android 2.18.12,” the report added. It is further being believed that WhatsApp plans on giving group administrators more power by allowing them to restrict other members from sending messages, photographs, videos, GIFs, documents and voice messages on the group.

Previously, the messaging platform consisted of a ‘Restricted Groups’ setting – which was first available through Google Play Beta Program. However, the setting can only be activated by group administrators. Administrators can keep sharing media and chat as normal as they restrict other members. The company still hasn’t provided any confirmation regarding the matter as yet.

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WhatsApp to be updated with new ‘Demote’ feature
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