WhatsApp Restrict Forwarding Of Messages To Only 5 Chats

Published on January 21, 2019

Whatsapp is one of the most used social networking media which is being used globally and for every work. It is an app which allows the user to interact with each other by sending simple chat messages. Not only this, Whatsapp is the best, therefore, it gives users many other options such as you can send voice notes to the person you are interacting with, you can share images and videos with people on your WhatsApp and many more small features such as, sharing of songs and recording, Location, contacts and many more things.

Image Source: www.whatsapp.com

One of the interesting thing which Whatsapp provide to the user is that it gives them the option to share live location for a time period. As you all must be aware of the fact the Whatsapp is owned by Facebook which is one of the largest social media networking systems around the globe. Facebook is the one which started WhatsApp as the number one chatting app on the globe. These social networking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook as well as many others were acting as a medium for sharing fake news to the people around and transferring false things which result in a wrong path of the citizen.

Few days before Whatsapp started a banner campaign all around for the circulating of fake news and forgetting fake things and laws. This ads campaign for basically just to make them aware of fake news. When it became difficult all around WhatsApp take a measure for reducing forwarded chats to just 5 receipts because it will somehow prevent the circulating of fake news all around. This feature of forwarding messages to five chat was one of the best measures taken by Facebook for its product Whatsapp. This feature has been updated globally whereas if we talk about India it was updated in July itself.

WhatsApp reported that t1here are many feedbacks by the users for getting wrong information and false laws, these were the only reasons for the limit of forwarding messages. WhatsApp has made a strict rule for every person who is using WhatsApp for limiting the forward messaging to 5 chats only at a particular time period. Whatsapp also reported that this was to prevent the illegal sharing of images and messages to multiple people at a time and also for making it safe. The main reason for getting this security system is because to keep a check on the forward messages with close contacts(this will help to stop the circulating of fake news).

This decision was taken by Whatsapp after the valuable feedback of customers that they are recieving false information on the excessive amount. Because of this WhatsApp said that this is making the wrong action and also violates its terms and condition and also which would result in negative reviews from the users. The survey was also conducted about the sharing of things on WhatsApp and it was found that the people of India are more likely to share more images and videos than other countries. This decision by the WhatsApp of restricting the forwarding of messages to only 5 receipts at a time. Also, WhatsApp started a feature which shows the proper thing in the link so that n fake news is not circulated.

This is the best security option for limiting the circulating of fake news all around the region and also this would impact people on large scale. WhatsApp has taken a great decision for limiting the forwarding chats. This will surely implement in some region. For more update about gadgets, application and smartphone visit tech and geek.

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