Welcome to the most expensive note: Galaxy Note 9

Published on July 27, 2018
Samsung officially said if the in galaxy note 9 sales disappoint the Samsung will stop manufacturing further note and it would officially be the end of Galaxy Note. The rock-solid source gave the new information which suggests that now the models ha little chance of succeeding. The person who has a near-flawless track record and most recently exposed Google’s Pixel 3XL named as WinFuture’s Roland Quandt has confirmed that Samsung will jack up the asking price for the Galaxy Note 9 to potentially unrealistic levels.
Galaxy Note 9, Samsung
He also said that Samsung will start the price of galaxy note 9 in Europe at just $1230 for a model of the 128GB model with a flagship 512GB option costing $1460. If we see the comparison about it then the last year’s galaxy note 8 launched at $1052 and if you’re looking a consolation, the Note 8 only had 64GB of storage.
In last week Samsung sources tie the data when it was leaked. If we note the point then smartphones are really more expensive in Europe but mostly because of their prices always sales tax. Therefore according to the news the new galaxy note 9 looks primed to launch state price with prices of $999 and $1199 which will be excluding tax. The interesting thing is that Samsung won’t hack it in a year when Apple will actually cut iPhone prices substantially.
Yes Samsung deserves credits just because in defence of the galaxy note 9, it does have subtle but sizeable upgrades for which it does that but when its biggest feature was pulled, that proved Samsung’s focus instead lay with its upcoming 10th anniversary Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, it seems grossly unfair but consequently laying the future of the Note range at the feet of the Galaxy Note 9 in its most incremental of years, it also looks like a rubber-stamp and a decision that was apparently made long ago. No doubt that in the vast series of the majority of smartphones, the Galaxy Note series is unique with its focus on practicality and productivity. With Samsung’s next big phone innovation set to cost $2,000, it’s sad to see the Galaxy Note 9 (almost inevitably) end the range with a whimper, not a roar.
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Samsung, Galaxy Note 9
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