Ways the Internet Helps Us Make Informed Decisions That Can Improve Our Lives

Published on September 16, 2021
Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

The Internet has been a significant part of our daily lives for more than two decades, but many people often fail to notice ways the wealth of information available can be used to help us make informed decisions. Our part of human history is often called “The Information Age” because we have more information available to us in comparison to any other human beings at any point in history.


Part of the reason investing is difficult is because few people understand how stocks, bonds, and asset markets function. The Internet has dramatically changed the way amateur investors can utilize their existing funds to make more money. We can now use websites to deeply research stocks and read analyst ratings. 

A lot of websites also make it much easier to invest in things like real estate accounts that would normally be reserved only for very rich accredited investors. Websites that offer real estate investment trusts are one good example of this. Many programs like Robinhood offer real-time zero dollar trading options that make it easier for amateur investors to quickly turn a profit using real money. 

Some of the best investment websites offer analyst ratings and advice. Analysts study the markets, so you can use their information as a cheat sheet to select stocks that are more likely to be lucrative in the future. It’s also a good idea to read up on articles relating to investing. Learning how to effectively diversify to reduce risk and maximize your profit margins has never been easier because there are countless blog posts and YouTube videos that offer lectures from real billionaires on these subjects.

College and Tuition

It’s no question that going to college is expensive. The Internet now allows us to shop around for degree programs that are likely to provide a satisfying return on investment. Many people love the idea of going to college to secure their dream job, but the costs of tuition have been rising over the years. Many websites allow users to estimate total tuition costs and research their expected salaries after graduating from a specific institution. This can make it easier to select a college and career path that fits your specific needs. Some online sites even offer tools to help you estimate expected interest rates and the amount of time it would take for you to pay back the loan after graduating.

Purchasing Decisions

Sites like Amazon have certainly changed the way customers shop for products. We can now read the ratings of different buyers all around the world to ensure the product we are buying is going to meet our expectations. We also have the ability to look at a countless variety of different product types as opposed to one or two that may be available at our local retailer.

Business Ventures

Starting a business is a lot easier these days because the Internet allows us to instantly connect with potential customers all over the world. Some people use search engine optimization to sell products online. Others may research potential business opportunities they believe will be lucrative. Almost anyone with an internet connection can create a dropshipping or information product business in just a few days by doing a little bit of online research. Many articles outline ways that amateur entrepreneurs can quickly build an online audience by reaching out to customers who are interested in the products and services that are being offered.

Dieting and Fitness
There are a few different ways people can lose weight and stay in shape, but it’s no question that weight loss ultimately boils down to the number of calories a person consumes. The Internet makes it a lot easier to choose lower-calorie foods and make informed eating decisions. We can now Google a piece of fruit and find out its specific macronutrient profile in just seconds. 

Weight loss ultimately boils down to math and science, so having a greater understanding of how the foods we eat affect our bodies can dramatically improve our health and fitness goals. Many online tools can calculate a person’s basal metabolic rate in seconds. This number indicates the number of calories that a person will burn while at rest on a given day.

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