Want To Rank Your Mobile App On SERPS? Here Are SEO Tips To Consider

Published on May 23, 2021
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Do you have too many apps for every action you perform in a day? That’s what the current scenario is; we all are getting dependent on apps as they are so perfect and helpful. The main aim of plenty of apps is to resolve the problems that society is facing and give them a mobile solution. 

There is no surprise that “Popular Apps” listed in the App Store and Android market is determined by rating quality and download volume. But the web pages are the directories and profiles of these apps. 

Search engines constantly display, index, and rank pages for mobile users, and thus app-mania is slowly gaining a geometric rise of the backlinks and social reputation of these webpages. SEO gives them a remarkable effect over organic search results. 

Do you know the fact that higher visibility on Google helps in increasing app downloads? Thus, the more downloads will be there; the more App store popularity will take place. Potentially strengthening popular applications comes under the rich get richer faster phenomenon. 

Mobile App Google Search Visibility Cycle

This might sound a bit disappointing that even apps that are good fail to create their place in the list of “Most Popular” apps. But don’t get disheartened because this factor will let you understand the urgency of working on App’s SEO to make it rank on SERPs so that the downloads can increase. 

Let’s discuss a few SEO tips that will help you in strategizing the SEO strategies: 

Feature your brand eminently in the app name

The app name must be there all over the webpage. This will let the visitor click on the name. Make sure you link the name anchor text with the App Store and Android Store. This way, when the visitors click on the name of the App, then they will be redirected to the main download page. The more clicks on the brand name, the more possibility of download. Be sure that in the download page URL, you feature the brand name as well.

It would help if you focused on the link equity of your significant pages that leads to app download pages. There are many famous brands that don’t even care about these essential links. 

When you are creating a landing page, add sections that have screenshots of your App’s functionality, reviews, and features. This will enhance the interest of the visitors on your landing page. When you share the details of your Apps, the visitors typically build trust, and they will be able to relate it with their needs. Thus, the chances of clicking the download button will increase tremendously. 

You must have seen many brand pages where the link text to download the App is “Download iPhone App” or even worse like “Available on Android.” These types of link text will never make any visitor click on them. This hampers the authenticity of the page and App. Therefore, make sure that you add your app name in the link text (Example: Download the Olivia iPhone App or Get the Olivia App for Android) 

Add names like this so that people can understand that it will redirect them to the download page, and it is not any spam or advertisement. 

Not only this but when you are linking text for download pages make sure you even consider location-based SEO. It is the exercise of optimising your content to emerge for your target area. For Example : if your target audience is people of Atlanta then you need to concentrate on atlanta seo and make sure you target the right audience. It’s honest to say that Google is improving and enhancing at generating geolocation based search results on more general topics, where visitors are searching for something. Adding the right link text can make your App look more authentic to the audience you are targeting. 

To give visitors easy access to the App, use OQ codes. The QR code will help in easy and quick reach to the download page. Important note: make sure to compress the link when you try to generate the QR code. 

Inherent Apple and Android app page URLs overstep 50 characters, making higher density QRs decline to scan when shown at minor sizes. The solution to this situation is to compress the link. 

Enhance time on page and reduce bounce rate

Google’s algorithm has a tracking system that focuses on two aspects – bounce rate and visitors’ time spent on the page. 

The more time a visitor spends on your web page, the more chances your website is ranked higher in search results. Google’s primary focus is to help people get the relevant information through their searches. They make sure that hitting a single page is getting some relevant information from that page and not going back to another result. 

This would happen when they do not find any information they were looking for. So now the question is: how you will be increasing the visitor’s time on your landing page so that they are forced to click the download link. 

The solution is: instead of describing the features of the App, make sure you are sharing the problems and how your App is resolving them. First, tell them what problems they are going through that need a technical solution. Now when they seem convinced with that, throw a bunch of solutions your App is offering to them. Now is the time to tell them the features of the App. 

This technique will help in increasing the visitor’s time on your website, leading them to click the download link. This is the most relevant and convenient way to reach the right audience, who will understand the App and will use it. 

Final Thought

Any App or software that is built needs to make a higher rank on Google because it is the most used search engine in the world. The more your landing page will be seen on search engines; the higher is the chances that it will see an increase in the download numbers. So make sure you invest a lot in SEO practices that are the only source to give your App an organic rank in the search results. Follow the tips that we have shared in this article; it will guide you when you are setting up your SEO strategies. 

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