Want to back up your Apple Watch? Here’s how!

Published on April 12, 2018

Majority of the Apple Watch owners are not aware of how they can back-up their products. At the same time, the Cupertino technology giant doesn’t make it clear on how one could go about when it comes to the process. This article talks about the steps that must be taking in case users wish to back their Apple Watch. The measures will come in handy especially when users want to switch to newer smartphones in later stages. Following the below-given steps to back your Apple Watch up:

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Step 1: If you wish to back your Apple Watch up, it is essential for you to strap it on the wrist while the procedure is on. It is necessary for your product to be in the Bluetooth range of your iPhone device. Once the step is taken, it is required for you to head toward the official Watch application platform on your iPhone device. Users can merely tap iPhone, head on to the General menu, click upon Reset and Erase the Apple Watch Content from the Settings option. The experience on iPhone and iPad is different in comparison to Apple Watch in the sense that it does not back up on a daily basis.

Step 2: After you are okay with Step 1, you will need to enter your correct Apple ID password to disable the Find my Apple Watch option. If you are the kind to possess Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, then you will need to choose whether or not you want to keep your cellular plan or remove it altogether. If users wish to keep it, then it is essential for you to be merely upgrading your iPhone device. However, if you remove it, then there might be no problem at all.

Step 3: Once Step 2 is done, you will notice that the Apple Watch has undergone complete backup on one’s iPhone device. One can merely verify whether or not it has been back up by only stepping into the Settings option, clicking upon General News, checking out the iPhone Storage option and verifying the Watch platform. Users will be able to see the names of their Apple Watch along with the date of the latest backup under the Documents and Data option.

Step 4: Users will need to back their iPhone devices to their iCloud systems. This step must be carried out so that the Apple Watch back-up remains safe. This aspect is especially important when users are looking to upgrade or wipe their iPhone devices. If you wish to back your iPhone to your iCloud system, then you must step into ‘Settings,’ tap on the Apple ID card located at the top and choose iCloud. Make sure you choose the iCloud back-up, following which you can choose the ‘Back Up Now’ option. “If you erase your iPhone without backing it up, you’ll lose your Apple Watch backup as the backup is stored on the iPhone and is only synced to iCloud when your iPhone backs up,” notes an online report.

Step 5: The process may come across as highly cumbersome. However, it is possibly the only way that one can back their Apple Watch data up at the moment. We hope to see a more natural way to back Apple Watch up in the future. Apple may end up introducing a new system in place for the same purpose. However, we are not sure how sooner or later that might take place. As of now, it is possibly the only way that one can back their Apple Watch data up at the moment. We hope to see a more natural way to back Apple Watch up in the future.

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