Users can now ask questions in Instagram stories, reports

Published on July 6, 2018

These days, you can see Instagram making headlines every other day. It has been making changes and progresses in its software and usability for the better access of people using it. Some of the things why Instagram is famous these days out of all the other Instagram applications that have been introduced for a while now include the IGTV apps and the new Lite. Facebook owns Instagram and it, is a company that has been adding new updates, and the latest update includes the ability to question in the Instagram stories. It is surprising because it is one of the latest features that were not there before.


Instagram is a photo sharing app which is best among the other social media website that is present today. It is popular among the youth these days, but the older generation is also showing pretty good interest in sharing their pictures and stories on Instagram almost every day. You can follow your favourite celebrity or a sports person or a politician on Instagram and know about the latest updates and ongoing activities. Instagram is famous for its square image format and its filters that you can use before posting pictures. You can use Instagram for personal use or your professional use, both ways it can help you tremendously.

You might have come across yes or no polls and emoji sliders while using the Instagram stories and now the new addition to it is that you can ask a question there it. With the help of this Update, your followers can write answers as long-winded as they wish to write. There is no limit to the word count while commenting on the Instagram stories for the current but there can be changes made shortly. Because Instagram keeps rotating and updating its features and specifications, it might be possible that the word limit can be limited in the later years or days.

This feature is not applicable for everyone as for now, and you can only experience in some of the mobile handsets, and there have been no updates regarding this from the social media posts as only one reader has made the news viral.

You might have come across the recently introduced soundtrack of stories in Instagram. You can now browse through hundreds of songs, and you can also play the button to enjoy hearing a preview before you can add them to your Instagram stories. You can also make use of an option where you can do fast forward and rewind the song track to find the exact part of the song that fits your story.

The Instagram soundtrack feature also enables the users to select a song before they shoot a video. When your friends and family get to watch your video or your story, they will get to hear the song playing in the background when the photo or video is displayed on the front. The sticker included in it can also help you display the title of the song and the name of the artist at the same time.

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