User Can Now Blur The Background In Video Call: Skype’s New Update Rises

Published on February 7, 2019

Skype was one of the most important and regularly used videos connecting app which connects people from different countries and allows you to connect with them during a video call and that too with such clarity. But one thing which was found not to be good for Skype was the starting of video calls on Whatsapp and Facebook and many other social networking apps. Today every person is on social media app whether it is WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat or Facebook, therefore, they sometimes feel useless to have a skype ID also. No doubt that Skype was the most commonly used app between people but now it is not.

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But Skype has its own identity, therefore, it has added a new feature in the context that it might be got new customers and more usage from the people for connecting people around the globe. You all might not aware of this fact but it is the real one, Skype is also one product of Microsoft, therefore, the new feature which has been added is the screen-blurring feature which is titled to hide your messy rooms. Not only this if you want to hide a background to not let the person you can also go for it. This is the latest feature which will surely be cool once on video chat.

as reported by Microsoft itself, it is the most leading feature which was also added last year in one of its tools and it is all based on the artificial intelligence which helps to keep the focus on the caller which is somehow great for the caller and also it will only depict various things such as hair, hands and arms.

The interesting fact is that it hasn’t updated in the mobile version but the users can wait for sometime for the feature to enrol also the desktop view for skype and updation is completely good and working, therefore, the user just have to change it in setting or they can also enable it from the in-service skype video call which will be more beneficial for the user. I guess this would be the finest update a social networking app can either give and that too in a video call. The user will be now engaging more with Skype and they will also love the new update.

Therefore the user who use Skype on their desktop or laptop they can download the update now whereas smartphone or mobile users can wait for it.

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