Twitter rolls out a new feature that lets you bookmark any Tweet

Published on March 1, 2018

Twitter, one of the widely used social media platform connecting people all across the globe. Twitter has recently launched an update that let a user bookmark any Tweet privately. Undoubtedly, this bookmark feature is not a new creation instead we all are much familiar with the same present on Facebook. Earlier before this update, there was no such option to save or bookmark a Tweet personally, but now the officials have offered a proper way of keeping a Tweet for further overview or reference.

Twitter, Social Media

Whenever you bookmark or save a Tweet, the author will not get aware of that, and only you’ll be mindful of that bookmark. You can re-open that Tweet or Tweet link anytime unless and until the author will delete it. To bookmark a Tweet is much different than just to like it. A like doesn’t make a directory of your desired Tweets but a bookmark act can be viewed again in the saved Tweets section.

Twitter updated its site and app both with this new feature. Now you’ll find a new icon underneath a tweet which will look like an upload symbol, clicking on that will make a popup to open. And from that popup form, you can save or bookmark the tweet.

Earlier there was an icon of Direct Messaging over the place of this Bookmark feature. So from today onwards you’ll see a new option over their named “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.”

Earlier Twitter upgraded ist tweet character limit from 140 to 280 with an aim to get its users more engaged with the platform. Twitter is in a run to enhance and improve its product to maintain a good hold over active users, and for that, the company is giving little but useful update all along the platform. 

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Twitter, Social Media
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