Twitter attains profitable earnings of $732 million in Q4 2017

Published on February 8, 2018

Today morning, exciting news came out by the end of Twitter which reveals that the company finally attained a path of profit in the fourth quarter of the year 2017. Social media giant was on the track of loss since its IPO in November 2013, but a recent update sounds good that it took a lift up towards profit.


Analysts expected Twitter to post its earnings of 12 cents per share, but it turned opposite as it posted 19 cents per share. Also regarding revenue analysts were expecting a revenue figure of $686.1 million but it comes up as $732 which shows that the company moved into profit for the fourth quarter in 2017. While the active number of users went down during that time. It was expected as 332.5 MAU (monthly active users), but Twitter posted it 330 million.

From the third quarter of the last year, Twitter didn’t gain any hike in its active users while in the fourth quarter it took a dip too. A comparison between some active users in the year 2016 and year 2017 shows an increase of 4% as a total, but a slight drop was observed in the fourth quarter.

It is also is a highlight that Twitter didn’t get any rise in some users in the US, yet either going from 69 million of active users last quarter to 68 million in the fourth quarter. Twitter still have many more countries to grow with.

The increased limit of word character for Tweet gave a profitable path to the social giant as observed under today’s release of profit.

Regarding revenue, Twitter lifted it up in Q4, and it is about $732 million which was expected to be less than that. The increase is about 2 year-over-year, but for the complete year, it is down 3%. Twitter also specified the profit as the ad engagement was upto 75% in this quarter as compares to the year ago and cost per engagement or CPE was down to 42% year-over-year. The detailed report also reveals that the international revenue came out as $326 million which is approx 17% as an increment.

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