Top 10 Ideas For YouTube Intros That Engage Viewers

Published on May 21, 2020

In recent years, the digital platform has gained enormous importance as a means of communication as well as business. As a video content sharing stage, YouTube has become highly popular across countries. From digital creators in various niches to businesses or even corporates, YouTube is now a buzzing area of commerce and information. 

As the number of creators and video publishers is increasing day by day on YouTube, the rise in competition has encouraged them to give their best to grasp the attention of viewers. A meaningful way to engage viewers is to create stunning intros of the videos. As the name suggests, intros are placed at the beginning of the video. These intros give the viewers an idea about what the channel is all about or what they are going to watch in the video. 

The ten ways in which you can create such intros are as follow:

  1. Make it Look Appealing

Intros that are visually appealing gain more attention. Therefore, to make your intros visually aesthetic, try to use colours or graphics on the video that match the essence of your content. This means that for videos related to fashion or beauty, poppy colours like pink, red or purple can be an excellent choice. Whereas, educational videos on topics such as productivity can use colours like dark grey, white, blue, etc.

  1. Short and Concise

Intros should always be as short as possible. Viewers are interested in watching the content more than the intro in it. Therefore, to make your intro watch-worthy, you need to be able to make an intro that is around three to five seconds long. Intros that exceed seven seconds tend to bore the audience.

  1. The Right Music

Intros set the mood and tone of your video content. Music, therefore, is an essential ingredient in making your channel and video to stand out from the rest. Silent intros will not have any impact on your content viewership. So, choose music that engages the audience. The right intro music is usually upbeat, conventional and fun. InVideo is one such user-friendly video maker available online that offers a wide range of music that can be used in your intro.

  1.  a Logo

Using a logo in the intro helps to make your content more popular and give it your own uniqueness. Inserting a logo in the intro provides your channel with a scope of authenticity as well as grace. It also assures your audience that the channel and the video they are watching or subscribing to creates genuine content. Your viewers would recognise you with your logo.

  1. The Right Information

The intro of your video should convey the right information about your content or your channel. Misleading information used as clickbait can decrease the chances of potential viewers in the future. Therefore, make sure that your intro contains the specific and right information about what can be expected from your content.

  1. Appealing Transitions

As intros are short, it is important that you choose transitions within the intro that are quick and visually appealing. Good transitions make your frames look pleasing and elegant while they change. One of the most trusted online platforms that work as an amazing intro maker for YouTube is InVideo. It comprises some of the best transitions that work wonderfully for the frames in an intro.

  1. Using Montage

Using a series of short clips of your videos in the intro to make a montage is a great way to make the intro interesting. Most of the highly subscribed channels on YouTube use such an intro as it gives a quick glimpse of what the channel is about to the viewers within a few seconds. 

  1. Animated Elements

The animation is a great way to grasp someone’s attention. Thus, animated elements can be used in intros to make it more appealing than your competitors’ videos. Although various professional software can be used to make these animations, they are time-consuming and require expertise. Therefore, a free and easy way to add animation to your intro is through the use of online platforms like InVideo.

  1. Simple but Meaningful

All efforts should be made to keep the intros as simple as possible. Complicated intros tend to confuse the viewers, and they might lose interest before your video even begins. Thus, meaningful and straightforward intros should be made that best reflects the niche or genre of your content. 

  1. Catchy Copies

Copies (short texts) can be used in the intros with which your viewers can relate to. Copies are one of the best ways through which video content becomes viral and helps connect video creators with their audience. 

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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