This is how you can buy a good application for your Android smartphone this New Year

Published on December 31, 2017

Are you looking for a new Android smartphone that will enable you to step towards an uninterrupted and seamless technology experience? Well, the good news is that the market is currently flooded with different kinds of options. The smartphone sector at the moment is primarily dominated by Apple and Google and their respective operating systems, IOS and Android at the moment. While the Apple iPhone line-up has its own niche market that usually takes care of any kind of profitability that the Cupertino giant might be looking for. The Android sector is filled with a plethora of options. It can get confusing for one to make a choice, especially given the wide range of variety. As noted by Telegraph, following given are a few questions that you must ask yourself before settling on any one smartphone. Take a look.

Android Application

Android or iPhone: Which one to buy?

Apple’s iPhone smartphone is not for everyone. There’s something that everyone knows about the Tim Cook-led giant is that they create products, which are specifically targeted towards a certain set of a niche market. Their latest innovation – the 1oth-anniversary-iPhone device ‘iPhone X’ – comes for a price of roughly $1,000. Given its price, there aren’t too many individuals who’d spend that kind of money on a smartphone. Android – on the other hand, gives you a greater choice and flexibility in terms of price.

What to look for on an Android?

There are a few technical specifications that you must keep in mind while choosing an Android smartphone. This includes the device’s screen size and battery life to performance indicators. Don’t forget to consider its storage/memory space as well as the camera. Last, of all, the operating system it is based upon, will speak wonders about the smartphone itself.

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