Things You Need to Know About GoPro Max; Before You Buy It

Published on October 23, 2019

GoPro Max is a real upgrade over previous generation GoPro Fusion. They have added some great features for day to day users in the latest edition of GoPro. The new GoPro Max nullifies the gap between 360o and non-360o content. As a result, one can pull natural materials from recorded 360o content. The specifications are high with the newer GoPro Max, and so is the performance.

Image Credit: Dcrain Maker

What’s new in GoPro Max?

GoPro Max offers lots of freshness in the segment. In simple words, GoPro Max is similar to GoPro Hero 7 in terms of features, while some features are similar to Hero 8. The new max includes TimeWarp, which is quite identical to Hero 7, but it does not include advanced Auto features like Hero 8. As a result, GoPro Max is more developed than Hero 7, while it lacks some of the premium features of Hero 8. 

Some of the new features in GoPro Max are:

  1. Colour touchscreen.
  2. Single micro SD from complicated dual micro SD.
  3. PowerPano-270o full-frame photo.
  4. GPS integration.
  5. Digital Lens.
  6. Horizon levelling.
  7. Max TimeWarp.
  8. 1080p Livestream.
  9. Mounting system; previously used in Hero 8.
  10. Max HyperSmooth.
  11. Shotgun Mic.
  12. Keyframing technology.

Though the new GoPro Max is a true successor of the previous model, there are certain downsides as well. Raw mode and burst photo are the two biggest disappointment in the latest series. Some of the other weak points are:

  1. No night-mode.
  2. No front status screen.
  3. No ProTune 120Mbps bitrate: It has a lower 78Mbps bitrate.

The new GoPro Max starts with a price point of 499 USD, and it will be available from the 25th of October. The pre-order registration is currently going on the official website of GoPro. 






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