Things to do When You See White Smoke From the Exhaust of a Car or Vehicle

Published on March 15, 2020

While taking your car out from the garage, you sometimes notice a white trail of smoke coming from the exhaust, and there is some weird noise from the engine. Is this normal, or is it a sign of some serious issue? If that is a matter of concern, what steps should we take, and what would be the cost of getting the car repaired? Here are the things you can do when you see  white smoke from the exhaust  of the car. 

The main reason for white smoke coming out from exhaust is negligence in maintenance work, incomplete lubrication, a leak in the exhaust pipe, crack in the cylinder head, injector pump is faulty, and leakage in the fuel tank. The detection methods for these reasons are simple and easy. One can easily notice the sweet smell of the smoke to know it is due to incomplete burning of lubrication oil and not the burning of petrol. If the smoke appears from the interior of the injector pipe, then we can rest assured about leakage in the injector pipe. 

As soon as you see white smoke appearing from the exhaust, immediately press your clutch without gears few times to ensure complete oxidation of the leaked fuel. Sometimes the leakage in the fuel tank causes the oxidation process slow, which causes the vapors of fuel to get mixed with carbon dioxide. 

Check the fuel status in the car. Sometimes due to insufficient fuel in the fuel tank, oxidation does not occur properly, which causes the starting problems and noise in the engine. The smoke appears due to the sprinkling of fuel, which was scattered here and there of the exhaust pipe due to leakage. It is recommended that once should always have some reserved fuel and not waits for a fuel tank of the car to get empty for refueling. 

Sometimes the oxidation chamber of the fuel tank is filled with gas, which combines with vapors of fuels to make thick clouds of smoke. In case if you notice a sweet odor in the smoke, check the coolant chamber to see if there is any leakage or not. 

In winter season the precipitation or dense fog like season the engine becomes too cold. In such circumstances, the fuel is condensed, which causes incomplete oxidation that causes the expulsion of white smoke from the exhaust pipe. 

In case you see that smoke is still coming out, then the best way to stop this is to get the car repaired by a near by servicing center. Sometimes the engine is too hot, and the leakage in the fuel tank causes the vapors, which combine with carbon dioxide to form thick, dense clouds of white smoke. 

The cost of maintenance may vary from one car to another, depending on the condition of the vehicle. It is advisable to get the car worth evaluated by car experts. In this way, you can avoid the high cost of maintenance and sell your car at good worth by Car Cash Buyer. 

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