The Use of Vibration Analysis Equipment

Published on February 1, 2021
Photo by Phuc H. on Unsplash

When working with big machines on major projects the machines must function like they use to do. When there is always a chance that some equipment has a mistake in it which leads to failure or downtime. Vibration monitoring is a way to detect those possible problems. With this method, you can find faults like imbalance and looseness. The analyses you get from vibration monitoring will warn you, so you have enough time to prevent the failures from happening. This is possible due to the big amount of data that is tracked in thousands of situations that look the same. This knowledge is set into specific algorithms and is proven to be extremely successful.

Using the equipment

It is ridiculously hard to make good vibration analyses. To do these, you need a lot of special training and in some situations, it is even necessary to hire a third party that can help you. Vibration analysis equipment is also quite expensive to buy. I must say that they are worth it because a lot of bad failures will be detected and prevented.

Empowering team

The empowering team is a team that needs to fix the failures. First, they collect and analyze all the data the vibration analysis equipment delivers. Second, they will look for and correct the failures that have happened at an earlier stage. When this is done, they need to make sure that the possible downtime is avoided.

For measuring DIN4150-3, a lot of special knowledge and equipment are needed. It will cost some money to do those analyses, but in the end, it will be worth your time and money.

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