The Transformation of MacBook Pro From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook

Published on October 21, 2019

The demands and needs of the people are changing with time, and so is Apple. In the last few years, the firm took certain bold steps to be ahead of the rest. MacBook Pro was one of the major projects in Steve Jobs’s Apple line up, but the same cannot be said for Tim Cook. There should not be any doubt over Tim Cook’s vision as the company is doing exceptionally well and still the industry leader by far margin.

During Cook’s tenure, the iPhone got the priority over other products; as a result, the sales number and revenue increased significantly over time. New features like AMOLED screen, all-screen display, multiple cameras, and wireless charging have made the iPhone’s transition very smooth.

Image Credit: Arstechnica

The demand and purpose of laptops have significantly decreased over time. These days, most of the application developers and heavy users need a physical keyboard, a large bright screen, and a good computing power, which can be better served through a desktop. The current generation needs the MacBook as a bigger substitute for the iPhone. As a result, MacBook Pro is currently focusing on lightweight attractive thin design, cloud-based storage, and a better connectivity system that looks like a fashionable super-sized smartphone.

The MacBook Pro line up is focusing more on services, which often considered as Apple’s vision for the future. It supports streaming media and all cloud-based services. As services have no limit, unlike hardware, many Silicon Valley giants are following the same route to generate more revenue.

MacBook Pro line up has evolved with time. Currently, the device is an extension of the highly successful iPhone and iPad. Tough the company offering great processing speed and hardware, heavy users and gamers are opting towards iMac for better efficiency. Cook’s new MacBook Pro is a more portable and attractive looking laptop in the market, and that can do most of your daily tasks.

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